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HíreinkEnergoexpo is Hungary’s leading integrated energy forum in Debrecen

The continuous provision of energy supply and its affordable price is a serious risk factor in everyday life. The Energoexpo 2023 Energy Conference (which will be hosted by the Kölcsey Center in Debrecen on April 27-28) tries to help by making this more predictable by sharing the latest information.

For 14 years, Energoexpo was Hungary’s leading integrated energy forum, which was accompanied by conferences. The specialists of V-Trade Exhibitions Kft. considered that an energy-themed event dealing with energy efficiency and sustainability is timely again, which, however, addresses not only the profession but also the audience interested in energy current affairs.

Spas are in focus

Zoltán Pajna, chairman of the local government of Hajdú-Bihar county, reported in his opening speech that in the seven-year EU budget cycle behind us, 41 settlements in Hajdú-Bihar will receive a total of HUF 7.3 billion in energy investments.

In the framework of the current call for tenders, we were able to allocate more than HUF 5.2 billion. This means that our local governments also contribute to climate neutrality. It is good news that an additional HUF 4.2 billion tender opportunities will be opened in the county for the energetic modernization of our spas. Even today, we have 3 settlements (Létavértes, Kaba and Földes) where in recent years, by using thermal energy, they have achieved that the gas consumption of their municipal institutions is close to zero

– said the politician.


Triple target system

Regarding the government’s energy strategy, Viktor Horváth, the Deputy Secretary of State responsible for energy transition at the Ministry of Energy, said that we have had two busy years behind us, and we are likely to have at least as long an exciting period ahead of us. Three basic goals determine domestic energy policy: energy should be available, affordable and not a burden on the environment. We operate in the target system of affordability and sustainability in terms of security of supply, but the emphasis may change in accordance with the events taking place around us.

Right now, the main focus is on the security of supply, and all government measures in the past year have tried to promote this as much as possible. We cannot rest on the fact that the energy markets are starting to calm down a bit. We strive to increase our energy independence. Last year, the country achieved savings of 18 percent. Saving with natural gas is emphasized within saving. At the same time, the role of renewable energy sources is increasing. There is significant potential in geothermal energy and biogas production. Electricity production is increasing in this country, and we expect this to increase further.

Power plants are being built

In his presentation entitled “Energy stability in the light of sustainability”, Dr. Csaba Kiss, president and CEO of MVM Balance Zrt. and MVM Mátra Energia Zrt., spoke about how the development strategy of their company group is closely related to Hungarian energy policy.

We also operate the market-leading group of companies in the spirit of security of supply, affordability and sustainability, and our developments and investments are aligned with this. We have embarked on serious developments in order to be able to serve the rapidly growing demand for electrical energy. No new power plant has been built in the country for many years, and we are now filling this gap. We are working on several gas turbine projects using state-of-the-art technology, and the same can be said about the two new energy storage facilities that are being built. We are preparing a lot of new projects, so it will not be up to us to safely serve the growing energy needs of industry and the country

– stated the company manager.



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